The 3 Habits of a Freestyle Cook

Stop wishing. Start taking on the habits of a freestyle cook.

The 3 Habits of a Freestyle Cook

Have you ever wished that you were...

Someone who isn't beholden to recipe books?

Someone who can rustle up a feast from seemingly nothing?

Someone who eats like royalty...even the day before your weekly shop?

MATE. You need to become a FREESTYLE COOK.

Here are the 3 habits of a freestyle cook:

Watching Food YouTube & TikTok

If you catch me on the toilet and I'm not watching food YouTube or food TikTok, you'll know that I am extremely unwell.

Freestyle cooks watch videos about food travel, street food, recipes, experimental food, other freestyle cooks, etc.

Freestyle cooking is all about having the building blocks. Building blocks of technique, understanding which ingredients work well together, which textures go well together, understanding how to make elements from their core ingredients.

Watching a variety of food content online builds these blocks in the brain.

Weekend Food Projects

Freestyle cooks use their spare time to experiment and hone their skills.

The weekends are great times for food projects that require a long period of time for preparation, or just time to get to grips with new tools/techniques.

Seeking Out New & Exciting Ingredients

Seeking out new and exciting ingredients is FUEL to a freestyle cook.

They want a new challenge and to experience new flavours.

You'll find freestyle cooks hanging out at ethnic supermarkets, farmers markets, and getting to know local suppliers.