Need to Lose Some Lockdown Weight?

Hi 👋 my name is James and I am obese.

Need to Lose Some Lockdown Weight?

Hi 👋 my name is James and I am obese.

It's just fact.

I was obese before lockdown, but, lockdown definitely hasn't been kind to my physique 😂

Personally, I want to be healthier and feel better.

Asking around I realise that I am not alone in wanting to lose some lockdown weight.

In fact, I've had a VERY strong "yes" from many people.

So. We're going to do this. Together.

Enter the DietBet

Starting next week, we are going to do a group weight loss challenge - and YOU are invited!

The challenge? To lose 4% of your starting weight within 4 weeks.

The kicker? You BET on yourself. Lose the weight and you win back your bet PLUS more!

Several people from my team and community have already signed up.

Anyone who joins the DietBet will get access to a private channel on my Discord where we can motivate and encourage one another.

I want to see us SMASH our goals together this summer.

So - if you want to lose weight and need some extra motivation - get signed up and join us now!

A couple of FAQs

James - are you making money from this?

No - DietBet take a small cut of the pot, but, I don't see any of that. I am not doing this to make money, I am doing this to lose weight with my friends.

Will anyone see my actual weight or weight-in photos?

Not unless you choose to post them publically. The weigh-ins are only seen by a referee on the DietBet team for verification.

When does it start?

The initial weigh-in is July 24-25. The challenge then starts on July 26th for 4 weeks.