Maple Butter Carrots

Maple Butter Carrots

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Carrots are under-appreciated.

They're so much more than something you dip in hummus or have boiled to death and served with a roast.

In this recipe, we are going to create something hot which can be the main feature of your salad - celebrating carrots for their awesomeness!

For this recipe, I would recommend getting the best carrots you can. I love using finger-sized heritage carrots from my local greengrocer. If you can't get those, you can cut larger carrots lengthways into quarters to achieve the same size.


Bunch of carrots
Olive oil
White wine
Maple Syrup


1 - Get a frying pan (ideally one you have a lid for!) on a medium heat. Add a drizzle of olive oil and introduce the washed carrots to the pan. As I mentioned before, ideally you want whole carrots of finger thickness, but if your carrots are more "girthy" then, feel free to quarter them lengthways!

2 - Season with salt and get some good colour on the edges of the carrots.

3 - When the carrots have taken on some colour, pour a dash of white wine (or plain water if you're not drinking!) and quickly put the lid on the pan. Let the carrots steam for a few minutes to make sure they are evenly cooked and soften inside.

4 - Once the carrots are steamed remove the lid and let any remaining liquid evaporate. Once the pan is fairly dry, add a generous knob of butter and coat the carrots in melted butter!

5 - Take your maple syrup and give the carrots a good drizzle! Keep the carrots moving in the pan to ensure that they caramelise a little more. You want to make sure that the butter/maple doesn't burn.

6 - When your carrots are looking caramelised and a little sticky it's time to remove them and place them pride of place in your salad!