Fixing Your Bland-Ass Greens

Fixing Your Bland-Ass Greens

If there's one thing that we millennials struggle with when it comes to's veg.

Our parents handed us down the most terrible veg cooking techniques.

  • Boiling
  • Steaming

No wonder you don't eat your bloody greens.

There's more to life than this! Veggies are beautiful, they're delicious, they're life-giving. You buy in season and they are not only cheap but at their VERY best.

Here are 4 ways to cook your green veggies that aren't bland like your mums:


Chop them veggies up and fry those little beauties in a little olive oil. If you want to give them a flavour BOMB then add some minced garlic (or garlic powder - your secret is safe with me). Like it spicy? Add a shake of chipotle chilli flakes. Season well with salt. If you're a fatty like me, finish with a knob of butter.


Fussy little so-and-so are we? We'd better crack out the double cream and cheese then! Get your greens into a baking dish, layer it up, and add double cream and grated cheese. Bake it. Crave it. Love it.


Ever tried charring greens like spinach? Cabbage? Even lettuce! It's one of my favourite things to do on my tabletop BBQ. Try it for a game-changing sensation!


Google Israeli salad and you'll see something beautiful. I don't know about you but sometimes with veggies having them chopped really fine makes them so much more delicious and palatable. It's not just the chopping though. Dressing with olive oil and seasoning is an important part of the process!