Chef Ed's Dirty Crab read that right.

Chef Ed's Dirty Crab

Everybody knows that I love cooking "dirty" when I cook outside.

What is dirty style? Well, it just means that you cook directly in the embers, rather than using any kind of grill/grate.

This is a super primitive form of cooking that gets the food as close to the heat source as is possible. It gives the most wonderful sear and imparts a flavour like no other.

When doing this you've got to make sure that you're burning good quality lumpwood charcoal or wood. This will not work with petrol forecourt briquettes 😬.

You need to see your fuel as an ingredient in its own right.

My mate Chef Ed, an actual chef (and a bloody good one at that!) Has a small boat and a couple of lobster pots. He had an amazing idea to cook a WHOLE crab dirty. It did NOT disappoint!

What you get is a crab which is steamed to perfection in its own shell, yet takes on a wonderful smokey flavour from the embers.


A whole edible crab


1 - Dispatch the live crab humanely.

2 - Light your fire using good quality wood or charcoal and let it die down to embers.

3 - When the fire is ready place the crab directly on the embers and cook for 6 minutes.

4 - After 6 minutes flip the crab and cook for another 6 minutes.

5 - When cooked, place on a board leave for 20 mins to cool.